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  1. With Read More-PRO you'll be able to create an accordion Read More effect for your Joomla! articles. The native Joomla! Read More option is nice and does it's task quite well. However, it is a little clumsy on how it works based on how you configured and created your Joomla! website. Read More-PRO keeps all your article text on the same page showing 'some' of your article text and hides the rest based on how you configured the extension's setting. Giving you an attractive, functional Read More action button that will uncover all your text when clicked.

    Check out the demo page and see ReadMore-PRO in action. If you like what you see, download the Module, Plugin (or both) and the Editor Button plugin and get started building your Joomla! articles the ReadMore-PRO way! ReadMore-PRO is 100% FREE to download with no required site registration, fees or subscription to purchase. Just download, install, configure and activate and you'll be on your way. Oh... support for ReadMore-PRO is also 100% FREE!

  2. Content Cart - This extension allows you to organize a simple online store based on Joomla articles.

    The set of extensions allows you to add items to the Joomla articles and create a simple online store. The extension allows you to add the 'Add to cart' button to the Joomla article (com_content), which adds the product to the basket from which the order is already made.

    The package includes:

    • Module Shopping Cart
    • Plugin processing
  3. JD Skill Set - Best Joomla Number Counter Module

    Attract more clients by showing them animated numbers about your awards, projects, years of excellence etc.

    JD Skill Set is a most advanced Free Joomla Module to showcase your skill set with animated numbers, comes with a friendly user interface, better user experience, extensive functionality and full customization options. Here are the key features which make this number counter Joomla module out of the box.

    Promote your key business numbers.

    You can showcase:
    - Your achievements like x awards won, x projects completed, x years of excellence etc.
    - Your Team strength like x number of PHP developers, x Joomla developers etc.
    - Your business numbers like x branches, and x employees etc.
    - Your fun facts like x number of coffee cups, x line of code, x fun games etc.
    - All these kind of numbers engage a visitor on your website and increase their trust in your brand.

    Easy configuration, no coding skills needed at all

    Yes, it is true, that you don't need to have any coding skill to configure or customize the JD Skill Set Joomla module.

    It's really simple and easy to use. You have all the visual options to change the colour, size or position of your icons, symbols and numbers. You just need to select the appropriate options from the backend and you are done.

  4. Easily reset article hits and votes to zero(0) without manual database editing.

    This is simply for those who wish to reset a page hit and vote data just because they want to restart. If ExtraVotes plugin is installed and in use, this reset plugin will also handle those votes.

    • Install
    • Enable
    • Edit an article and click Publishing tab to see the buttons at the bottom right
  5. Adds DatsoGallery located pictures or albums to Geommunity3 Google Maps. Also integrates DatsoGallery in Map global search results, and DatsoGallery Categories in Map Dynamic Filter.

    This DatsoGallery interations into Geommunity Maps include:

    Markers Ajax loading, and clustering
    Infowindow display
    Filtering markers by DatsoGallery type
    Filtering Markers by DatsoGallery categories
    DatsoGallery markers search

    This requires your DatsoGallery pics have a location set. This requires DatsoGallery component

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