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  1. JL Sitemap - Component site maps for Joomla. Generates a real sitemap.xml.

    Free component for Joomla allows you to quickly and most importantly correctly create a map of your site. In the base delivery comes full support for Joomla articles.

    The package includes:

    • Sitemap component.
    • Joomla articles support plugin.
    • Plugin launch sitemap generation by cron.

    Features JL Sitemap

    • Full compatibility with Joomla 3.9 and higher.
    • Building a site map according to the Joomla router.
    • Exception of doubles.
    • Support for Russian and English.
    • It can handle a huge number of links.
    • Create a real sitemap.xml file.
    • Does not create a load on the hosting, resources are required only when the file is generated.
    • Run sitemap.xml generation by cron.
    • Start generating sitemap when a user visits the site.
    • Protection against accidental launch - a map is generated every few hours.
    • Free to ease your life :-)

    ##Plugin for JL Sitemap

  2. Display alerts, advertisements, warnings, cookie policy accept and more with an overlay window that requires user action to close.

    There are 2 available modes which can be enable individually or together.

    Fullscreen Window: cover the entire browser window and set a content container in the center with any type of media. Set a background color with transparency or opaque. Blur the page images to distort distinction, suitable for adult websites.

    Cookie Policy Bar: set a cookie policy bar at the bottom of the browser window and write HTML content as desired, add link to a policy page.

    When the close or accept button is clicked, a cookie is set on the user's computer. Each cookie can be set to expire at a given time which will then renew the display of the notice.

    Set the module on all or selected pages.

  3. The Awesome Portfolio is a simple module that displays articles as portfolios based on different filters.It is a very
    useful and applicable extension for news website, company websites, shopping websites and otherwebsites that work with
    portfolios or filterable items. The Awesome Portfolio enables you to show your articles based on different filters and
    items. You can set the options of this module to filter articles based on their tags, their categories or their authors.
    It gains AJAX method for loading more articles to improve the performance for your website. The Awesome Portfolio is very
    flexible with customizable settings.

    Some Features of The Awesome Portfolio:

    1. Displaying articles based on tags, categories and authors

    2. Gainig AJAX method for loading more articles

    3. Easy to use

    4. Customizable settings

    5. Limiting the number of articles

    6. Ordering articles based on created date, modified date, published date, hits and random.

    7. Limiting the length of article intro text

    8. Using a pretty style for displaying the items.

  4. PMJ Business Hours is a very simple Joomla module to - you might have guessed it - display business hours.
    It works in a 24h setting.

  5. Mailpass allows you to manage emails, connected to your domain, directly from Joomla. Directly from the backend of Joomla you can view the list of active email accounts, the space used, create new email accounts, set aliases, forwards or automatic replies
    Mailpass works with the email hosting service powered by Qboxmail.

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